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Thesaurus of Indonesian Islamic Manuscripts

PPIM UIN Jakarta, on behalf of Puslitbang Lektur Keagamaan, Balitbang dan Diklat, Ministry of Religious Affairs proudly presents the 'trial version' of the Thesaurus of Indonesian Islamic Manuscripts (TIIM). The full version will be officially launched by the Ministry soon.

The TIIM is an online database designed by the Islamic Manuscript Unit (ILMU), Center for the Study of Islam and Society (PPIM), Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University (UIN) under supervision of Dr. Oman Fathurahman, and fully supported by the Center for Research and Development of Religious Literatures (Puslitbang Lektur Keagamaan), Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs (MORA).

The TIIM gets supports from experts and researchers specializing in Indonesian manuscripts officially affiliated with the Indonesian Association for Nusantara Manuscripts or Masyarakat Pernaskahan Nusantara (MANASSA).

The TIIM is mainly intended to provide information for both public and academic community on Indonesian Islamic manuscripts as complete as possible, written both in Arabic and local languages like Acehnese, Buginese, Javanase, Madurese, Malay, Minangkabau, Sasak, Sundanese, Wolio and others used in a written literary tradition in Indonesia.

The TIIM also provides some other useful information like the author names with their biographical accounts, number of copies kept in all libraries around the world, catalogues that list the related manuscripts including their pages and summaries, and all the articles and books about them.

The TIIM shows an even greater importance with the availability of information about the conducted, as well as the ongoing, philological works. If possible, these works are digitally available and could be downloaded. It is hoped that not only can it avoid unnecessary repetition in studying these texts but also fill the gaps found in the previous studies.

Considering a huge number of Indonesian Islamic manuscripts kept around the world, mounting to hundred thousand manuscripts or even more, as it is thought, the TIIM is definitely a lifetime project in which all data will be continuously revised and completed in accordance with the research findings in the future.

If you have any research data and information should be included in the database, please contact Dr. Oman Fathurahman ( Any comments and advices are welcome.

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