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List of al-Kurani's Works

Just to refresh our memory, Ibrahim al-Kurani is one of the prominent Kurdish Muslim scholars, and became a grand Shaykh in Medina, in the seventeenth century, whose intellectual thoughts on Sufism have strongly influenced a number of his Malay-Indonesian students, especially Abdurrauf ibn Ali al-Jawi from Aceh.

It’s mentioned in several sources that al-Kurani was a Sufi 'alim, an apologist of wahdat al-wujud of Ibn 'Arabi, and also a prolific writer, who mastered both of esoteric and exoteric Islamic knowledge. His works include various Islamic fields such as Tafsir, Hadith, Fiqh, Theology, and especially Sufism.

Some scholars, such as al-Baghdadi (1951) and Brockelmann (1949), have brought forward a different number of al-Kurani's works up to 100 kitabs. Until now, however, I have listed only 95 works. Some of them are long risalahs, and another is short.

It’s important to note here that among all of his works, only two of them have been published, namely al-Amam li-Iqaz al-Himam and al-Lum‘ah al-Saniyah fi Tahqiq al-Ilqa’ fi al-Umniyah. Thus, Ithaf al-Dhaki, which is al-Kurani's work I am working on, will be the third.

Here is the complete list of al-Kurani’s works, found as manuscripts, compiled from scattered sources:

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