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Fatih's Appreciation of this Blog

I didn’t update this blog for more than a month. It’s not because of no mood or loss of ideas, but since my last posting about a book of Goethe’s poetries, I made a long journey to Cairo and other Arab countries, to do some academic and private activities.

Now, when I do blog walking and visit my friend, A. Fatih Syuhud (I never meet him, actually), I am surprised that he has announced me as one of the Top Ten Blogger Indonesia 2007! This is his second appreciation regarding my blogging activities after he notified me as Blogger Indonesia of the Week (71) in September 2007 last.

To be honest, I have started blogging not to be listed by this most famous Indonesian blogger, or by anyone anywhere, since the writing is just a need for me. However, what Fatih done is a kind of appreciation that very valuable and has encouraged me to always do my best in everything.

I also believe that Fatih’s dedication by motivating and urging others to start blogging will have great influences in transforming the culture of communication among Indonesian people, from an oral conventional culture to writing-and-reading one, as Fatih said.

I really experience how useful this blogging to communicate any ideas, support research activities, and even build a scholarship network. One of the most important experiences I ever got is when Husain Kadodia from South Africa put a comment informing about the existence of several copies of Ithaf al-Dhaki manuscripts in different libraries. In fact, further contact with him has brought me to get one of the oldest copies, written in 1665, preserved in Koprulu Library, in Istanbul, and currently become the most important source of my research.

It’s clear, therefore, that blogging could not be a medium to write a daily notes only, but also to support an academic activities.

Thanks Mas Fatih for your respect and appreciation, I highly appreciate your nice words about me.

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