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On PPIM Survey 2007

Contrary to my previous writings, this posting has absolutely no correlation with the world of Indonesian manuscripts.

It deals with the result of a national survey on the "Religion and Nation-ness" (Agama dan Kebangsaan) conducted by the Center for the Study of Islam and Society or Pusat Pengkajian Islam dan Masyarakat, Islamic State University (UIN) Jakarta in March-April 2007 last, instead.

So, why do I suppose to put it here? It’s simple actually. It’s about some friends and readers of this blog who have requested me to get the entire result of the Survey. Some of them recognize me as one of the Staffs of PPIM after reading my last posting about the profile of the Center here.

Thanks to Jajat Burhanuddin, the Executive Director of PPIM, who has provided me the document, I could share with you the Survey result which has been presented and discussed on 15 May 2007 at the Sari Pan Pasific Hotel Jakarta. has reported the event under title “Rakyat RI Lebih Percaya Ulama Ketimbang Presiden”.

The Survey itself is part of the survey series carried out by the Center since 2001 regarding the social-religious issues in Indonesia.

Quoting Jajat, the Survey said that the religion become one of the most important aspects of formulating identities among Indonesian people. Of 1200 respondents, 41,1% affirm the religion as the most important basis in formulating their identity, while those who assert the “nation ness” as the basis are only 24,6%.

The Survey also confirms that the trust level of Indonesian people towards the Government institutions is rather low, namely 22% for President; 11% for the Legislative Assembly (DPR), and 8% for political parties, while their trust level towards the religious leaders (ulama) is 41%.

If you are interested to understand and appreciate the complete result of this Survey, please click here to download the PDF file.

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